Windows vs. Linux

Windows vs. Linux.  Which operating system is better??  This question has been debated by programmers, technicians, and computer enthusiasts. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. I will show you a breakdown on each component of the operating systems so you have a better understanding of which system is right for you.


Windows – Windows can run between 50.00 to 150.00 dollars per licensed copy.

Linux – The majority of Linux versions are available for free or at a much lower price.


Windows – Windows is considered easier to use because most computer users have familiarity with Windows and most likely at home and in the office.

Linux – Linux uses the command line c:\ prompt or to execute programs.  Former DOS users would be familiar with this but it can be intimating to computer users who don’t have knowledge of using the command prompt.

Software Cost

Windows – Windows has a large amount of software programs, utilities, and games available since there are many people using Windows. The cost of software can run from 20.00 to 200.00 per license or copy.

Linux – Linux has a large variety of software but is does not come close to the availability of Windows software.  Most software for Linux is considered Open Source or freeware.  Even complex software such as Open Office, which is similar to Microsoft Office is available for free or at a low cost.


Windows – Windows is compatible with most hardware manufacturers and offers a broad range of drivers used to configure the devices on a network or on a local device.

Linux – Linux does not support most hardware devices, although some hardware devices that have driver support will work on all versions of Linux.

Open Source

Windows – Windows is a proprietary operating system which means that source codes and any updates can only be altered by Microsoft.

Linux – Linux is an open source which enables users to customize the code for their particular needs.


Windows – Microsoft includes its own help section, and has a vast amount of documentation and help, as well as books and certified technicians.

Linux – Linux offers online documentation online as well as e-books and online support.


There is another operating system called Ubuntu which is available to download for free.  Ubuntu incorporates Windows and Linux in one system. Ubuntu has the look and feel of a Windows desktop plus offers a command prompt where Linux commands can be executed to launch programs.  Ubuntu is becoming more popular for people who would like to learn Linux without giving up Windows.

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