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The last two issues focused on the iPhone and Android phone.  This issue will feature the Windows phone.  The Windows Phone is not as popular as the iPhone and Android, it does have some features that are unique.

The Windows phone made its debut in 2010 in the wake of Windows 7.  Microsoft developed previous models of mobile phones but with the advent of Windows 7 phone, Microsoft officially entered the smartphone market.  Since then, the Windows phone evolved with Windows 8 phone and the current Windows 10 smartphone.

When the Microsoft Windows smartphone entered the smartphone market, the iPhone and Android phones had already established their share in the market. Microsoft knew they needed re-invent themselves in order to compete with Google and Apple.

The Windows phone falls somewhere between an Apple and Android.  While it isn’t very popular, it has some features that cannot be found in either in IOS or Android.

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of the Windows phone.


  • Customized – The home is totally customizable with app tiles. Each tile can be customized to the color and size of your liking. Tiles can also be configured as live tiles giving you updated information for apps that run in the background.
  • Stability – Windows phones like iPhones have very few dropped calls.
  • Microsoft Office –The Windows phone comes with a complimentary scaled down version of the MS Office Suite.
  • Child Friendly – One useful and unique aspect of Windows phone is” Kid’s Corner”. This handy feature lets a parent set up and curate a section of the phone specifically for use by young children.


  • Available Apps – Windows doesn’t offer as many apps as the iTunes and Google Play.
  • Cost – Windows phones can be costly, but they are available from a variety of wireless carriers that offer low to high-end devices.

 The Windows phone gets mixed reviews on what people are looking for when purchasing a phone.  Some people want a phone with many apps to choose from.  For anyone who misses the days when a phone was a phone, the Windows phone is as close as you can get.  You get all the functionally you want without being overwhelmed.



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