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Greetings!!!  Welcome to the new format of my newsletter.  With a new year comes a new format.  The title of the newsletter is renamed to “Tech Talk”.   I will continue to give computer tips and what is the latest technology that is trending now.   In addition, I will be discussing topics that cover a wider scope of technology within the business, industry, legal, and government communities and the impact they have.  I hope you like the new format.

This issue will cover wearable technology which includes smartwatches and fitness trackers.

A smartwatch is a digital watch that provides many more features than a conventional watch.  Besides timekeeping, smartwatches include heart rate, activity, reminders throughout the day, and many other features.

Today’s smartwatches include several apps that are similar to smartphones and tablets.  While these apps run directly on the smartwatch, they require a smartphone to function.  This is because the data is first received by the phone, and then forwarded to the watch.  Most smartwatches do not include Wi-Fi and they do not have a SIM card for cellular data.  Therefore, most apps rely on a compatible smartphone to provide data over a Bluetooth connection.  For example, the text messaging app on your smartwatch may allow you to dictate and send a text message, but the actual message is sent through using your phone.

Smartwatch Advantages  

Quick access to notifications – Like all watches its primary function of a watch, is showing the time.  But with a smartwatch, the most important function is to show you notifications and have quick access to them.  The smartwatch allows you to read a message or checking out a Facebook notification without picking up your phone.

Never miss your calls – Smartwatches gives a vibration or sound when someone calls or texts you then you can decide whether to pick up the call or leave, it just by looking at the watch.

Health Tracking – A smartwatch helps you count the steps you take each day to meet exercise goals.  It can also analyze sleep data showing how many hours you have slept every day.  This additional information can help you make adjustments to your sleep timing for a better sleep.

Customization – If you like to change things up a little, you can change the dial/watch face as often as you like every day wearing a smartwatch more stylish.


Smartwatch Disadvantages

Limited Battery Life – This is the number one disadvantage for a smartwatch.  Smartwatches typically can be used one to two days after a full charge in fact some watches don’t last for a day.

Inaccurate Data – Even through smartwatches can track your data regarding exercise and fitness, many smartwatch tests shows that the data is inaccurate.

Not very practical – Even if smartwatches though make your life easy, one can definitely live without one.  It is not a must- have accessory.  Also, smartwatches work in sync with smartphones so at this point, one does not replace the other.

Other Alternatives – This not really a con but if your main objective is fitness, then a fitness band which is more reasonable a better option.   Most fitness bands have a great battery life built- in watch and will cover your fitness needs.


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