The Internet of Things

Internet of ThingsImagine that you are at a grocery store then your home computer lets you know that you are out of bread, your milk is about to expire, and your running out of sugar.  This is not science fiction.  It’s an example of an up and coming technology called “The Internet of Things” known as (IoT).

It’s not hard to see that this concept could open doors to many of opportunities but it will also pose some challenges.  Security is a big issue that often brought up people are asking what the measures to take so this technology more secure.  There is also the issue of privacy and data sharing that needs to be addressed.

Let’s look at some possibilities for using this technology

Personal Usage

  • Receiving warnings on your phone when IoT networks detect some physical danger nearby.
  • Self -Parking automobiles.
  • Automatic ordering of groceries and other home goods.
  • Automatic tracking of exercise habits and other day-by-day personal activities

Potential benefit in the business world

  • Location tracking for individual pieces of manufacturing inventory.
  • Cost savings from intelligent environmental modeling of gas-powered engines.
  • Improved safety controls for people working in hazardous environments.


Disadvantages for using IoT

  • Compatibility – Currently there aren’t any international standards for tagging and monitoring equipment.
  • Complexity – With complex systems, there tend to be more failures.  For example, let’s say both you and your spouse receive a text message saying that your milk has expired and you both purchase the milk at the store, now you have twice the milk that you need.
  • Privacy/Security – With all the data being transmitted, the risk of losing privacy increases.
  • Safety – The system is open to computer hackers.  Someone could change your prescription or a store could automatically ship you an equivalent product that you are allergic to, or a product that is already expired.


There are still many aspects of IoT that need to be worked out, but the possibilities are certainly intriguing.


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