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QRC Codes

You see them everywhere, the small coded box printed on paper in restaurants, businesses, even on some mailing coupons.  The text reads for you to follow them on Facebook or some other Internet site. These codes are known as QRC or Quick Response Codes.  These codes are used mainly by marketers to make it easier […]

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Big Data

Big Data. The term has been in the public eye lately with much concern on how to tackle this new way of keeping information secure.   There is no real definition of the term, so I’ll try to give my take on the subject. Big data refers to the massive amounts of data collected over time. […]

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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

BYOD – No, nothing to do with alcohol.  BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device or more technically known as “Mobile Enterprise Management.” This growing movement has many concerns in the workplace especially with some corporate policies and the IT department.  The concept allows employees to use their personal devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) as […]

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