Tablet vs. Laptop

Tablet  vs. PCTablet vs PC??? Which is better…


Laptop or tablet? There is much talk about which is better. With so many types to choose from, which one is right for you? Here are some points to consider before making a decision.

Advantages for using a tablet:

  • Light weight and no external cables.
  • Very mobile for home and business use.
  • Great learning tool for children.
  • Many apps available for use.
  • Can save files to the cloud.
  • Good for playing games or steaming videos.
  • Has touch screen.

Disadvantages for using a tablet:

  • Most do not have ports available for external devices (CD\DVD drive, USB, keyboard, or monitor).
  • Not a lot of memory or drive space available.
  • Not very compatible for business software needs.
  • Cannot run multiple programs at the same time.

Advantages for using a PC:

  • More powerful processing peripherals (CD/DVD drive, USB ports etc.)
  • Better graphics card for gaming.
  • More disk storage (500GB or more).
  • External keyboard and mouse.
  • Can run multiple programs at once.
  • Compatible with most Microsoft and third party software.


Disadvantages for using a PC:

Can be bulky and heavy (3 to 9 lbs)

  • Massive in size.


To sum up, if you are looking for power, speed in processing data, and running multiple programs, then a PC would be a good choice. If you are casual user looking to surf the Internet, use social media, streaming music and video, or don’t require a lot of speed and processing data, then a tablet is a good choice for you.


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