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Search Engines Let’s talk about Internet browsers and what they are this week.  A browser is a program used to access the Internet.  It takes the program code and translates it into a readable format. I will cover four browsers this week.

Internet Explorer (IE) – This is a Microsoft product that was introduced in 1995.  There are several advantages to using IE: ease of use, speed and functionality, and it is the most widely used browser throughout the world. Some disadvantages include: lack of cross-platform experience (used with Windows but not Mac), and it is very accessible to hackers and cyber-thieves.

Safari – Most known today by iPhone and iPad users, this is an Apple browser primarily used on Mac products. Some advantages of using Safari include ease of use, excellent security features, and easy clean-up of unnecessary junk.  The disadvantages are the lack of customization options that many competitors offer, trouble with the Google built-in search engine, and difficulty with automatic deletion of cookies on exit.

Chrome – The newest of the browsers presented here is a Google products.  Developed in 2008, it is used with Windows. Some advantages of using Chrome are: fast browsing performance, higher speed and less slow down upon browsing the Internet, great security, and a built-in Flash Player and PDF support.  Some disadvantages are: lack of parental controls, and minor site incompatibilities.

Firefox – This is a Mozilla browser developed in 2004 and can be used on either Windows or Mac platforms.  Some advantages for using Firefox are: more intuitive navigation, speed and more compatible, more security for downloads, and higher levels of support.  The disadvantage is that it uses more memory when running.

It is a good idea to have multiple browsers on your PC.  I have had success with Chrome and Internet Explorer.  All four of these browsers are different when running on various platforms.  Your needs should dictate the right one for you.


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