QRC Codes

QRCYou see them everywhere, the small coded box printed on paper in restaurants, businesses, even on some mailing coupons.  The text reads for you to follow them on Facebook or some other Internet site.

These codes are known as QRC or Quick Response Codes.  These codes are used mainly by marketers to make it easier to gather information by using a smartphone.  These barcodes are captured with a smartphone app or a camera. A typical QR code may contain a URL.  When scanned with a smartphone, you will be taken to a website that the QR code specifies.

QR codes were first developed in Japan. Although. QR codes were initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturers; they now have a much broader range.

Unlike traditional UPC barcodes, which are made up of a number of horizontal lines, a QR code can be captured more quickly and often contains more information.   QR codes are used for everything from tracking products to identifying items.

Differences between UPC and QRC Codes

UPC Code

  • One dimensional
  • Limited amount of storage
  • Data is scanned by a narrow beam of light

QRC Code

  • Two dimensional
  • Faster readability and a larger storage capacity
  • Data is detected as a digital image by image sensor and analyzed by programmed processor.


Look at the QRC codes below.  The codes look different and one contains more text   than the other scanning more information into your smartphone.


QRC Code 2

Embedded Text – Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

QRC Code 1

Happy Birthday


What can a QR code do

  • Direct Customers to a website
  • Bookmark website
  • Call the business
  • Send a text
  • Send an email
  • Display a map/or directions
  • Download a company App
  • “Like” the business Facebook page


Additional ideas for using QR Codes

  • Name tags – Use at conferences to keep your information from getting lost and minimize the use of business cards.
  • Menus – Place a QR code by each item on a menu, so that way patrons can view nutritional information.
  • For Sale Signs – Good for realtors for sharing property details.
  • Closed Signs – Use instead of plastic signage, plus access the hours through a website.
  • Automotive Service Appointments – Affix code on windshield for next service instead of using plastic stickers.


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Until next time…Happy Computing!!!

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