How to turn a Windows Computer to a Linux Computer

How to convert a Windows XP computer to a Linux PC.


The process is very similar to installing a Windows operating system.  To start, you need a CD\DVD disc or a flash drive having at least 8GB of space to download the installation file.  The file can be downloaded from the website. When the download is complete, insert the disc or flash drive and the setup program will start automatically. Follow the prompts and when the setup is completed, re-boot the computer and a login screen will appear, then after logging in you are ready to go.

Moving from a Windows environment to a Linux environment can be intimidating, confusing and even scary for the casual computer user, but there are some operating systems that are user friendly making the fear of using Linux simple.

The most popular Linux based operating system is Ubuntu.  I have touched a little on this system in a previous column but now I will get into more detail and explain the different variations and which one will fit your needs.


Ubuntu – Ubuntu is the main operating system on which the others variants (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu) are built.  The system is built on the Linux kernel platform (similar to the CPU on a Windows system).  Ubuntu uses a desktop environment similar to the Apple MAC OSX desktop.  Ubuntu also has a command line interface hardcore Linux users can use.  Ubuntu is a free operating system that can be downloaded from the Ubuntu website  The minimum requirements to install and run Ubuntu desktop edition are listed below.

Minimum Requirements

  • 700 MHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5GB of hard drive space
  • VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution.
  • CD\DVD drive
  • Internet access


Kubuntu – Kubuntu runs on lower RAM than Ubuntu but higher than Xubuntu and Lubuntu.  The computer memory required is 235MB.  Kubuntu is designed for advanced Linux users and geeks. It is also highly functional.

Xubuntu – Xubuntu is a lighter version of Ubuntu. This operating system functions like Ubuntu and can run with lower RAM requirements.  The operating system is designed for entry level people who would like to learn Linux without being intimated.

Lubuntu – Lubuntu is even lighter than Xubuntu.  Lubuntu has the same features as Xubuntu. The only difference is the minimum computer RAM is 126MB.  The operating system is also designed for entry level people.

Edubuntu – Edubuntu is used in schools, homes, and teaching communities where learning and knowledge should be available to everyone.

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