This month’s newsletter, I will highlight the work of Citrix.

citrixCitrix is a company that provides various products for the virtual workplace.  The Citrix Workspace Suite is a server-based computing system that enables users to run applications and full Windows desktop that normally would not be available on their local machines.  The application resides on a secure server and is accessed only with a user ID.  This method allows users access to their applications and data files, whenever and wherever they are needed.

There are some distinct advantages for using a Workspace Suite environment.

  • Users can access their desktop settings, applications, and data files using any computer, from any location.
  • Outside computers that could no longer handle running updated and advanced Windows-based applications can be used as remote desktops regardless of their hardware or operating system. This reduces the need for the continual purchase of new computers and excessive or expensive software licenses.
  • Workspace Suite is cost-effective since the applications do not have to be installed on each computer. They reside on a server and are accessed through a network.  This reduces the amount of time necessary for computer maintenance, software development, upgrades and security work.

Citrix offers components for different environments.

XenServer – Citrix XenServer is a platform that enables the creation and management of virtualized server infrastructure.  It is built over Xen virtual machine hypervisor.  XenServer provides server virtualization and monitoring services.

XenServer is among the virtualization solutions which consolidates a physical server computing power into multiple virtual machines, all emulating as a standard server.  It is built to provide the operational requirements of a standard server and supports most server operating systems, such as Linux, and Windows Server.

XenDesktop – Citrix XenDesktop is a tool that offers virtual desktop delivery.  It allows users to make various generations of Windows application available on any device anywhere.  Virtualized desktop resources basically bring the power of multiple applications and utilities to remote devices for remote work.

Many companies use XenDesktop to setup ultra-modern networks that no longer require out-of-the-box software licensing, Ethernet cabling, and more.  Whereas traditional networks were built structurally in-house in one physical office, todays networks are often distributed around the world and linked together by virtualization software.  Companies are now adopting the “bring your own device” (BYOD) strategy, which allows employees to use their personal devices as company devices.

XenApp – Citrix XenApp is an application virtualization service that provides on-demand Windows-based applications to devices.  It works in the content of the Citrix XenDesktop virtualization service.

Citrix XenApp provides features such as user self-storage, mobile touchscreen optimization and various user experience enhancements.  XenApp is a part of a concerted strategy to create services that make the most of the new technologies like cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and networking hardware virtualization.


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