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Programming Languages

Parlez-vous francais? Parla italiano? Habla espanol? This week we will discuss languages.  Not the romance languages of French, Italian, and Spanish but various types of computer programming languages.  In everyday life, we communicate with each other through language.  The same concept is true with a computer.  A lone computer is considered “dumb” unless it is […]

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This week’s topic is about SharePoint. SharePoint is a business collaboration platform where employees can publish, share, analyze and manage information through a browser.   Many corporations use SharePoint but they’re not all using it for the same thing. SharePoint isn’t something you purchase, but rather a platform for several different kinds of programs. The […]

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This week let’s address multimedia, particularly audio and video file formats.  In the old days, it was easy to make a movie or audio recording, all you needed was movie camera and a tape recorder.  With the advancement of technology, video and audio recordings have become more complicated.  Today, we have an array of media […]

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