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We will be discussing three types of operating systems (Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows).  When purchasing a tablet, there is so much information to absorb.  It is hard to make a decision on which is best to fit your needs. Each operating system has their strengths and weaknesses.  You may also want to […]

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SSD Drives

Last week we discussed 3D printing. This week, we will be talking about another new technology known as a solid state drive (SSD). Think of a solid state drive as a flash drive installed inside your computer. Solid state drives are becoming more popular and are making some great strides when considering a new computer, […]

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3D Printing

Let’s talk about something new to the consumer world this week – 3D printing. This technology has been around for some time, and is used, primarily in the engineering, research, government defense, and the industrial manufacturing industry. It is similar to injection molding used to create prototypes on new products but on a larger scale. […]

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