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Email Security

Email Security…What is it, how to recognize it, and what measures to take to prevent viruses and spam from infecting your computer. Viruses and spam are often spread through emails.  You can reduce spam and viruses by following these simple tips. Email practices to avoid viruses spreading to your computer. Keep your anti-virus software running […]

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Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software is your friend! Since there are many companies who develop this software, I will talk about the more popular ones used, and give you some comparisons of each that will be helpful to you when choosing software. Norton – (Symantec) Norton antivirus software is very popular in the consumer market.  This software comes […]

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This week we will talk about firewalls. I hope to give you some insight on how they work and some requirements that you should consider. Firewalls 101 A firewall, by definition is software or a piece of hardware the screens out viruses, hackers and worms that can infect your PC. Why do you need a […]

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