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Let’s talk about Computer Security.  I will be giving an overview on the basic components of a good security plan. There is a lot of information to discuss in this topic, so I will cover each of the requirements listed below in weekly installments. Here are eight security requirements and recommendations which all computers should […]

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Spare Parts

Here are a few items you should have access to.   Ethernet Cables – Not all public places offer wireless access.  Having an Ethernet cable insures you can get a network connection.  Also, having a wired connection makes your surfing, and doing downloads run much faster than wireless.  If you are in an office, then […]

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Backup and Storage

Here five different types that be used for your data backup. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) – This is probably the most common method used when backing up your data.  The capacity of a hard is measured in mega-bytes (MB) or giga-bytes (GB).  It is important you know the size of your drive and how much […]

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